sun & ocean = my peace.

Hello there! I am a 40 year year old women living in New York City. I’ve knowingly dealt with anxiety for the last 20 years (give or take).

I am a happy person. I love my job, I love where I live and I have the daily support and guidance of the most unconditional loving family. But with this beautiful life, I struggle with a pain that is invisible. For me, my anxiety can be gone for months and come back in an instant, unannounced, without cause, without reason but with a physical and emotional punch that often brings with it loneliness and sadness.

I started this blog for people who have to deal with loved ones who have anxiety. For the family and friends who can’t understand “I have anxiety” as an explanation for a behavior, a mood, and a missed birthday. Most importantly, I started this blog for people who live with anxiety to find shared experiences and strength. This year, I have no impossible resolutions. This year, I want to continue to inch closer to always choosing the path in life that makes me happy without anxiety giving me directions. I want you to join me through my posts, my journey of ups and downs because I, you, and we are not alone.